AED 23001 Carburetor Rebuild Kit Holley 2300 2 Barrel Carb 350 500 cfm 2300 4412 7448

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AED 23001 Carburetor Rebuild Kit Holley 2300

  • This is the professional rebuild kit that includes additional hardware
  • Additional parts included in this Pro Series rebuild kit:
  • New bowl screws and pump nozzle screws
  • New pump cover and throttle plate screws
  • Needle and seat nuts and screws
  • Baseplate screws and idle mixture screws
  • Idle speed position screw and idle speed spring
  • Sight plug screws
  • Miscellaneous clips, pins, and hardware
  • Does not include any other hardware other than what is listed above
  • AED has combined every possible add-on feature and incorporated them into each kit to give you long and improved performance from your Holley Carburetor
  • High Flow .110" Needle & Seat
  • Nylon reusable needle and seat gaskets
  • Nylon reusable bowl screw gaskets
  • New brass idle mixture screws
  • New accelerator pump squirter check valve
  • Special no-leak fuel inlet gasket
  • Non stick bowl & metering gaskets
  • Possible 2 barrel Holley 2300 carburetor model #s (Please contact me if are unsure of your application): R-4412, 4412, 0-4412, R-4412-1, R-4412-2, R-4412-3, 84412, R-9011, R-9011A, R-7448, 0-7448
  • Cross Reference (for 500 cfm, this kit also covers many 350 cfm): BWD 10802, Carter 902-1207, Filko 27-1149, Holley 3-474, NAPA 2-5531, Std-Hygrade 1690, Tomco 5274A
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