AED 6155 Birchwood 1/2 inch Quadrajet Spreadbore Carburetor Spacer

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  • AED Carburetor Spacers offer many distinct advantages: Besides traditional tuning changes in plenum volume which can improve torque and power output, Birchwood is a great thermal barrier.
  • By keeping fuel bowls cool you get a noticeable increase in fuel density, resulting in a better charge available for combustion
  • AED has seen results on the dyno of up to 20 horsepower using these spacers
  • AED originally designed these spacers for racing but soon found out the benefits on street cars eliminating hot soak and vapor lock problems associated with high underhood temperatures
  • Todays fuels have significantly lower boiling points compounding these problems especially with aluminum manifolds
  • Spacers are coated with a special sealer to promote sealing
  • Works with any spreadbore carb: Quadrajets , Holley 4165 / 4175
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