AED 750HO BT Blow Thru Holley Double Pumper Carb Turbo Supercharger Blow Through 750

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AED 750HO BT Blow Thru Holley Double Pumper Carb Turbo Supercharger Blow Through 750

  • AED 750HO-BT Blow Through Aluminum HP HO Double Pumper Carburetor
  • For blow through carburetor turbo or supercharging - up to 10 pounds of boost
  • Features aluminum HP main body:
  • Air bleeds moved outward to allow a smoother transition of airflow
  • Contoured hex head squirter screws for streamlined airflow
  • Integrated pry-points assist in servicing carb
  • Billet metering blocks for improved durability, gasket sealing good looks and corrosion protection
  • Carb weighs 7 pounds, almost 3 pounds lighter than a cast zinc carb!
  • Hand built performance carburetor: designed with the pro street and bracket racer in mind featuring clean idle, crisp throttle response, and great acceleration
  • This carburetor is equally at home on the street or race track - "blow thru"
  • This carb is designed for single four barrel boosted engines
  • This professionally prepared "off the shelf" performance 750HO-BT carburetor is run, adjusted, and tuned on a test engine before shipping to assure the utmost in quality control
  • Stock photos, main body and bowl coloration may vary due to dichromate process


  • Billet metering blocks
  • Cast base plate
  • Aluminum HP main body: Holley redesigned this HP main body and moved the air bleeds outward to allow a smoother transition of air flow
  • Replaceable air bleeds
  • Special high flow metering blocks & boosters
  • All fuel circuits balanced & calibrated
  • Power valve anti-backfire check valve kit
  • Four corner idle circuitry for fuel control & tuning capability
  • Special non-stick gaskets for easy maintenance
  • All carburetors test run with baseline tune-up
  • Dyno tested & race track proven performance
  • Made in the USA

Specifications: Primary / Secondary:

  • Jets: 75 / 83
  • Power Valve: 4.5 / NA
  • High Speed Bleed: .031 / .031
  • Idle Bleed: .070 / .070
  • Squirter Size: .035 / .035
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