ARC Billet Nitrous Bottle Bracket with 12 Volt Heater Warmer Horizontal 10lb / 15lb

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Anodized aluminum, holds 10 pound nitrous bottles. The included Nitrous Bottle Warmer plate will get your nitrous up to optimum pressure in a matter of minutes!

  • 10 or 15 billet single nitrous bottle bracket with heater / warmer by ARC
  • Measures 8.563" wide x 11.75" long, 12.75" tall at highest point, weighs 4.25 pounds
  • Full coverage nitrous bottle warmer with 3 hook and loop straps
  • Can be powered by various DC voltages, 12 wire leads:
    • 12 Volts / 240 Watts
    • 13.8 Volts / 315 Watts
    • 16 Volts / 425 Watts
  • Heating times will vary depending on your ambient temperature and climate: typical time is 10 minutes or less
  • Offers the fastest heating and will also retain the heat longer by insulating the bottle since the heater is wrap around
  • The wattage and time required to fully pressurize the bottle will vary depending upon the power source
  • Can also use a battery charger to power the heater in the pits or in the staging lanes
  • Having the correct bottle pressure is very important to utilize nitrous to its full potential and allowing the fuel to atomize correctly
  • Nitrous bottle pressure is directly determined by its temperature: optimum operation of a nitrous system occurs within the range of 900-1000 PSI
  • Pressure lower than 900 PSI will produce an excessively rich condition resulting in horsepower loss
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