Daytona Sensors 102004 USB Interface 6' USB cable

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Daytona Sensors 102004 USB Interface 6' USB cable

The Daytona Sensors 1020004 USB-INTF USB Interface is required for custom programming and data logging capability. The interface is compatible with the following products:
  • Daytona Sensors CD-1 Capacitive Discharge Ignition Kit - to use the PC link or data logging software
  • SmartSpark ignition systems
  • Daytona Twin Tec: Interfaces all Daytona Twin Tec engine controls (ignition and fuel injection systems) to USB port on laptop PC. Includes all required adapters for Models 1005-1007, TC88, and TC88A ignitions, and TCFI/VRFI fuel injection system
The USB interface is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. The USB interface has a switch that selects the operating mode. The “A” position is used for the CD-1 and the “B” position is used for the SmartSpark. The USB interface comes with a four terminal Deutsch connector that mates with the connector on the SmartSpark wire harness. An adapter is provided for use with the CD-1.

*** IMPORTANT *** This is the same USB interface as the Daytona Twin Tec 18014: see below for switch settings.  This 102004 interface is the exact same unit as the Daytona Twin Tec 18014 interface, only with a different decal for the "A" and "B" settings.

For Daytona Sensors Use:
Switch to the the left; "B" programs SmartSpark ignitions
Switch to the the right; "A, for CD-1" programs CD-1 ignitions

For Daytona Twin Tec Use:
Switch to the the left; "B" for TC88 only (ignitions with two 12 pin Deutsch connectors)
Switch to the the right; "A", "TC88A and All Others" programs all other Twin Tec engine control modules and the Twin Tuner series
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