Daytona Sensors 102008 TCS-1 Timing Control System For Race Engines Programmable

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The Daytona Sensors 102008 TCS-1 Timing Control System is Versatile timing control system for race engines. Replacement for MSD P/N 8980 Timing Computer.

The Daytona Sensors 102008 TCS-1 Timing Control System is Versatile timing control system for race engines. Replacement for MSD P/N 8980 Timing Computer.


  • Preprogrammed with 20° advance curve between 1,000 and 3,000 RPM for V8 engines
  • Magnetic pickup (distributor or crank trigger) and module trigger inputs
  • Module trigger output drives all CD systems including MSD 6 and MSD 7 series
  • USB interface and PC Link software allows programming advance features ranging from a simple RPM based advance curve to a 3D timing map with boost proportional retard (which requires optional MAP sensor, MAP sensor not included)
  • Two general purpose input and one general purpose input/output terminals
  • Inputs can be programmed for multiple retard functions (including driver adjustable retard)
  • Output can be programmed for RPM window switch functions
  • GPI inputs preprogrammed for 2°, 3°, and 4° retard functions (can be combined)
  • Heavy duty industrial grade clamping terminal blocks allow easy and reliable hookup without soldering or crimping
  • Compact size: 3.3"L x 2.4"W x 1.1"H (not including mounting feet and terminal block)
  • USB interface to laptop PC (not required for basic operation)
  • Powerful Windows software for programming controller functions including use on 4 and 6 cylinder engines as well as V8

PC Link TCS Software:

  • The most up-to-date version of the PC Link TCS software is available for download from the Daytona Sensors website Tech Center at no charge - feel free to download and test drive the software before you make your purchase.
  • Please note that use of the PC Link software is optional and not required for basic applications of the TCS-1 system
  • PC Link software runs under Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (not older Windows versions)
  • PC Link allows the user to program all functions of the TCS-1 system
  • Minimum PC requirement is a 300 MHz Pentium with super VGA display (SVGA with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution)
  • The TCS-1 connects to the PC by means of a USB interface
  • A USB cable is supplied with the unit
  • The PC must have a free USB port
  • You can establish setup parameters including function of the general purpose input/output (GPIO) terminals and program advance curves
  • You can download and upload to the module, open and save files to disk, and print setup values including graphs for advance curves. Includes comprehensive on-line help system.
  • Includes comprehensive on-line help system

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