Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband Oxygen Sensor Controller Datalogging System With 4.9 Sensor

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Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband Oxygen Sensor & Datalogging System With 4.9 Sensor

Zt-2 provides the accuracy of a Dyno Air/Fuel as well as multiple engine parameters. Supports Air/Fuel ratio as AFR/Lambda, RPM, Vacuum, Boost, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Throttle Position, 0-5 volt sensors, and Air/Fluid temperature sensors.

Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband Oxygen Sensor & Datalogging System With 4.9 Sensor

*** Please see our other listings for this Zt-2 bundled with LCD, ZR-2 Multi Gauge display, or ZR-1 Air / Fuel Gauge! ***

Includes: Zeitronix Wideband Air/Fuel ratio meter and datalogging system, latest 2010-up model

We are an official Zeitronix Distributor and we have the latest models in stock.  There ARE differences between the 2010-up and older models.

Includes the Zt-2 Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Meter, 4.9 Series Wideband Oxygen Sensor, Sensor Harness, Signal Harness, PC Serial Cable, Datalogging Software, Installation Instructions and 2-Pin EGT Connector to retrofit your EGT probe. Made in the USA.

The Zeitronix Wideband Air/Fuel ratio meter and datalogging system is a high quality, stand-alone system for use with carbureted and electronic fuel injection engines. Zt-2 Wideband Kits provide the best bang for your buck delivering unmatched quality, features and capabilities for very reasonable prices. The Zeitronix system provides the accuracy of a Dyno Air/Fuel reading right in your vehicle as well as multiple engine parameters. Supports Air/Fuel ratio as AFR/Lambda, plus RPM, Vacuum, Boost, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Throttle Position, 0-5 volt sensors, and Air/Fluid temperature sensors. Tune fuel injected and carbureted engines. Very simple installation. Connect two wires to +12V and ground and place the O2 sensor in the exhaust stream and you are ready to read AFR! Cut your tuning time in half!

Finally you can tune for more power, closer to the edge, precisely monitoring Air/Fuel ratio Boost, EGT, RPM and throttle position datalogging up to 9 hours of data with a blazing rate of 74 samples per seconds per graph. The ZDL software can be utilized as a real time display when using a basic Zt-2 kit without the hardware display. Fully digital, smallest wideband O2 controller and datalogging system in the world! Zt-2 is about the size of 1" thick business card. Extremely compact design for installation where space is a premium.

IMPORTANT: Warranty does not cover oxygen sensor, as these are wear items.  Each oxygen sensor is tested to be fully functional by Zeitronix before shipping.

Zt-2 Specs:

  • 0.1 AFR accuracy
  • Operating voltage 10V to 18V
  • Switching power supply for oxygen sensor heater
  • Precise sensor temperature control
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Integrated self resettable fuse
  • Positive lock connectors
  • Protected inputs and outputs
  • Flexible Plug and Play Sensor Harness with a small, easy to route through the fire wall, connector
  • Wideband Oxygen Sensor included, 4.9 series
  • Easy to install plug and play kit
  • Adjustable Narrowband Switching Point
  • Warning Alarms and Triggers
  • Your laptop must have a serial port or a USB to serial port adapter, adapter NOT included


  • Bosch Wideband O2 sensor
  • Linear Wideband Output AFR=Vx2+9.6
  • Serial data output to the Zeitronix Wideband LCD Display
  • Serial data output for real time datalogging (PC laptop required)
  • RPM Input (tachometer, primary side ignition coil, crank, cam sensor). The RPM input works in any car and any ignition system. No additional adapters needed!
  • Simulated and adjustable Narrowband Output to feed a stock ECU
  • Throttle Position Input
  • Boost (MAP) Sensor Input
  • EGT Probe Input
  • User Input
  • User2 Input, Programmable to view/log 0-5V, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Boost Pressure, Water Temperature, Intake Air Temperature, Oil Temperature, Transmission Temperature. (Zt-2 model 2010- viewing supported in new LCD, ZR-2 gauges, and logging software)
  • Warning Output * 5V output for sensors

We also have the accessories for the Zeitronix Zt-2. These are not included, available separately:

  • MAP, Boost Sensor, 50 PSI / 3.5 Bar or 75 PSI / 5 Bar
  • Gauge Fuel or Oil Pressure Sensor 150 PSI / 10 Bar
  • EGT Probe with Extension Harness
  • Air Intake Temperature Sensor
  • Fluid Temperature Sensor (3/8" or 1/8" NPT)
  • ZAV-T Alarm & Trigger
  • Replacement Bosch Wideband O2 Sensor
  • USB to Serial Adapter
  • Bungs & Plugs for sensors, different sizes

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